Yant Equipment was established in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1938 and now has three completely staffed locations across the state of Nebraska in Omaha, Grand Island, & Lincoln.

Yant Equipment has more than one million dollars of inventory distributed across its three locations, and employs more than 20 field service technicians in the state of Nebraska.

Yant Equipment’s goal is to be a technological leader in our industry.

Yant Equipment is licensed or certified in the installation and removal of both underground and above ground storage tanks and is licensed for calibration of refined and L.P. gas meters in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado.

Yant has three calibration trailers with 100 gallon L.P. and 100 gallon refined fuel provers in key areas of the state.  We are a certified R stamp shop for repair and inspection of truck tanks.

Yant Equipment is a proud member of, or in association with:

Petroleum Equipment Institute
National Weights and Measures
Ne. L.P. Gas Association
Better Business Bureau
Nebraska Petroleum Market Convenience Store Association
Iowa Petroleum Marketers

Replacement Parts For Pumps, Dispensers, and Control Systems

Commercial Fueling Dispensers

Automated Fuel Control Systems

Dispenser Electronic Control Systems

  • Triangle Microsystems
  • Gasboy

Underground And Above Ground Storage Tanks

Primary And Secondary Containment Piping Systems & Sumps

  • Ameron Fiberglass
  • Total Containment
  • Hose Master
  • Enviroflex

Submerged Pumps

  • Red Jacket
  • Fe Petro

Valves, Fittings, Manholes

Valves, Fittings (NH3)

  • Rego
  • Fisher
  • Squibb

Replacement Parts For Hoists

  • Globe
  • Rotary
  • Gibarco
  • Weaver
  • Joyce
  • Western

NH3 Compressors

  • Schnake-Grasso
  • Corken

New Air compressors And Replacements

Lighting Fixtures And Accessories

  • LSI fixtures
  • Whiteway

Intercom Systems

  • ESCO

Air Dispensers, Reels And Fittings

Lubrication And Bulk Oil Systems

Truck And Bulk Liquid Handling Equipments

Truck Accessories

Electronic And Mechanical Tank Guaging Systems

Nozzles And Accessories


  • Goodyear
  • Goodall
  • Thermoid
  • Gates


  • Cimtek
  • Facet
  • Goldenrod
  • Velcon

Line Leak Detection Systems

  • Red Jacket Electronics


We Moved!

4817 N. 56th St. Suite 50
Lincoln, NE

(402) 475-5121
(800) 967-1952
Fax (402) 475-7929


2309 N. 15th St E
Omaha, NE

(402) 345-6045
(800) 747-6045
Fax (402) 345-6106

Branch Manager- Jared Baker

Sales- Nick Shanno

Parts- Mike Krueger

Grand Island

P.O. Box 994
3733 Arch St.
Grand Island, NE

(308) 382-5830
(800) 658-4334
Fax (308) 384-5925

Branch Manager- Sean Arent

Sales and Parts- Brad Shannahan